Taking business personally

Express your brand, with personality

I'm a Media Personality best known for appearing on BBCs The Apprentice and am a regular guest on Radio, TV as well as high profile events across the UK. 

I am verified on Instagram and Twitter with more than 25,000 engaged followers.  I have a branded YouTube channel and I regularly Blog on Media, Fashion, Fitness and Lifestyle.

With a strong, corporate background as a business consultant and confident communication skills, I help my clients to communicate their brand messages to the world by acting as a brand ambassador and specialist marketeer. Specifically, I specialise in the co-creation of branded video marketing content and the use of social media for 'influencer marketing' campaigns.

If you think I can help with anything you're working on please do send me a message. I'd be delighted to learn more about your brand, project or event.  Contact me.


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Aleksandra has been a huge asset to our business. She has brought so much enthusiasm, dynamism and a can-do attitude, and project-managed the production and launch of our stunning new website. I admire her no-nonsense style, her vision and her straight-talking approach to helping us grow our business.
— Craig Dessoy, Hugo Oliver Director
In Aleksandra you will have an individual that is extremely focused and will add value to any organisation. I have always been a fan of her dedication, skill and knowledge and would work with her again in a heartbeat.
— Suki Dhuphar
Highly competitive, creative and driven individual with all round intelligence and occasional psychic powers. Focused, determined and smart; a natural born personality



Whether it's a video, an event, PR or TV project; if we choose to work together, I'll bring my personality to the show. If you want my creativity and management skills you can have them too.  Whatever your project is aiming to achieve, you can be sure I'll do everything in my professional power to make it a huge success.


About Me

I am a natural born communicator with a strong IT background making me a huge asset to any business or organisation wanting to re-brand and or revamp internal processes. I am creative yet analytical, professional and structured yet daring and bold. I can help you with your IT data migration while at the same time improve your internal business processes, create incredible events and videos and drive your sales. In me you will find a true all-rounder with a passion for business and a genuine desire to help you succeed.