Six Business Lessons I've Learned from my Cat

Ever thought you could learn something about business from a cat? Well you can and so much. I’ve narrowed down 6 key skills that if you apply these, they will change your life and make you look at your pet as an exemplary being with a sophisticated set of skills that some can only dream of…

1.      Do little bits often – we all get overwhelmed with work load and sometimes we are faced with a mountain that seems impossible to climb. Solution? Do what cats do. Cats have a whole coat to clean, but they never do the ‘lot’ in one go. Normally it’s either the leg, side of the back, face, etc. They focus on a section, do it extremely thoroughly, and get back to the next bit when they are rested, prepared and the time is right. Apply this to your business and you will find you are more efficient with the output of your work at a higher quality.

2.      Sharpen your skills (or claws). What good would a cats claws be if they weren’t sharp? Cats regularly sharpen their claws so that they are prepared to dash up that tree when ‘Buster’ the dog decides to chase them! Keep your business skills sharp so you are prepared for the ‘deep end’ which we all get thrown in occasionally. How? Plenty of reading, research and if possible, practical application.

Catwoman - Alexandra King Aleksandra.jpg


3.      Only ‘speak’(or meow in a cats case) when it’s worth it. Empty barrels make the most noise. The more you say, the more can be held against you. Why not do what cats do and only make yourself ‘heard’ when it really counts. It’s a bit of a power game so that when you do speak its ‘extra special’ and ‘focused’…

4.      Never forget your manners. I’ve also noticed that my cat always says ‘thank you’ when I let him in the house in via a little ‘mrrr’ sound… or he rubs against my leg when I feed him. Why is it a cat can have good manners, but some humans don’t?! Never, ever forget your ‘thank yous’… people notice if you don’t thank them and hold it against you (they do, they do…)

5.      If you need to show your claws or defend what is right then do it. Cats are normally chilled but sometimes it is right to fight for your territory or protect yourself. If someone is trying to take your job or outshine you (as they do in business and the workplace), defend your territory. Be brave, like cats are, and fight your corner by putting an action plan in place to stay on top and stay put.

6.      When its time to chill then chill. Cats know how to relax and when they sleep they really sleep. We need to allow ourselves to ‘let go’ and ‘quieten down’. If you are planning to have chill out time, then switch everything off and let yourself go into the world of complete and utter ‘chillaxation’ just like a cat does. Either give all of yourself or none of yourself… like a cat.