Kindness and BBCs The Apprentice

Kindness and BBCs The Apprentice


I was thinking about what it means to be kind - specifically in the workplace. Is there place for kindness in the office or is it better to be shrewd in business?


I took to the Oxford dictionary in order to answer this question with the definition listed as 'The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.' Now if you think about BBCs The Apprentice, as an example of how 'go-getters go about business', do you think 'kindness' is a quality most of the candidates and Lord Sugar share?


I took to looking up antonyms for kindness in order to make sure I'm answering this question in a fair and just way. Antonyms included selfishness, intolerance, meanness and mercilessness amongst others. 


So which did BBCs The Apprentice depict more? Did you see more tolerance, generosity and consideration or rather selfishness, intolerance and meanness?


Is The Apprentice putting a spin on the antithesis of kindness as the way forward in Business? When people ask me why candidates are so mean on The Apprentice my reply is always that it is a 'TV program' which is designed to entertain viewers based often on very bad behaviour and quite a bit of failure. I mean lets face it, who doesn't' like to see a quivering, completely useless Apprentice candidate getting blasted by Lord Sugar? Or who wouldn't want to see a table full of outspoken woman tear into each other and point fingers about who's fault something was? Come on admit it.. it's entertaining however it is not good business practice!


I've worked in the corporate world for many years and in all those years I've not experienced the level of 'meanness' and 'deceit' as I did in my time on the show. Its as if the behaviour was allowed and somehow encouraged for entertainment. Viewers, especially young ones, need to understand this and not take such behaviour as the 'status quo'. Even youth aside, there are many gullible adults that believe what goes on in The Apprentice is business as usual. It isn't. It's entertainment. 


It is true that out there in the big wide world, selfishness does reign and benefits many. Horrible to even type this but it is true. Then again, can you live with yourself knowing that selfishness paid off? Some can and some most certainly do. However, not all. Look at Richard Branson. Look at Oprah Winfrey. Here you have two massively successful business people who are making money and being kind. They can enjoy the benefits of their success and look at themselves in the mirror liking what they see. 


To be truly happy we need to like ourselves. We need to look in that mirror and not have to lie to ourselves about who we are. Kindness is a great companion for anyone wanting to live a happy and yes, also successful life. 


Go on... do something kind today.

Elliott King