My BBC Apprentice Story, a Video Clip Playlist

Today I'm a regular on Radio, TV and the local papers.  I'm a Brand Ambassador, Social Media Influencer, Guest Celebrity and Speaker at Events.  My life is wonderful and it is all thanks to the crazy experience that is BBC Apprentice.  

This video playlist starts with a clip from my life today and looks back at where it all started ... Being a candidate on BBC Apprentice 2016.

How I got in, my experiences and my reasons for choosing the wonderful, challenging, eye-opening and life-changing path that I did.

After cruising through week 1, I found myself modelling jeans and pitching luxury in week 2. Batting away an attempted double-team attack in week 3 before choosing to walk in week 4.  This playlist show clips of my appearance on The Apprentice 'You've been fired' after show and a string of other TV and radio appearances where I discuss my reasons for walking, experiences and more.  Hope you enjoy ;)